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Prayer of Confession for Reformation Sunday

            Heavenly father, merciful and everlasting God, we acknowledge and confess before your divine majesty that we are poor sinners, prone to evil and ever falling short of goodness. We have transgressed your commandments, and are worthy of your anger.

            But, O Lord, we repent and are sorry from our hearts that we have so displeased you. We pray that your grace may bring help to our distress.

            Be pleased, therefore, to have mercy upon us, O most gracious God and Father. Forgive us all our sins, through the holy sufferings of your dear Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, and grant us now the gifts of your Holy Spirit. Increase these in us each day, that we may repent, that sin may be destroyed in us, and that we may bring forth the fruits of righteousness and a pure life that are pleasing to you, through Jesus Christ. Amen. (Adapted from the liturgy of the Reformed Church of Zurich, 1525.)

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