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Donating to the Reformed Institute of Metropolitan Washington

The purpose of the Institute is to promote understanding and awareness of the Reformed tradition among the staff and members of Presbyterian churches located in the Washington area. To fufill that mission, the Institute depends on the support it receives from the sponsoring churches, participants in the programs, foundations, and individual donors.

It could not do its work without the generous assistance - including funds - it receives from those sources, and the quality as well as the scope of its programs depends very much on the strength of that support. The Board of the Institute invites other Presbyterian congregations in the DC area not only to take advantage of its program offerings, but to give ongoing institutional support to the Institute by becoming sponsors.

Friends of the Reformed Institute

The Board also encourages individuals who believe in the mission of the Institute to give expression to that belief, in so far as the are able to do so, by supporting its work financially. If you are interested in making such a contribution, we invite you to become a Friend of the Reformed Institute at one of the following levels:


Annual Contribution


Annual Contribution


Annual Contribution

Designated Gifts

Any funds that are given to support the work of the Institute through the "Friends" program become a part of its annual budget, and those funds are used, as needed, to pay for the items covered in that budget. But the Board of the Institute also invites those who have an interest in supporting its work financially to consider underwriting a particular project, including established programs as well as new initiatives. If you are interested in making such a constribution and would like to know about the particulars, we invite you to contact:

Larry Golemon, Director
Reformed Institute of Metropolitan Washington
PO Box 1928
Alexandria, VA 22313-1928
Telephone: 703.232.5303

If you would like to support the mission and work of the Reformed Institute you may send in your donation to:

Checks Payable to: Reformed Institute
Mail to:
Reformed Institute of Metropolitan Washington
P.O. Box 1928, Alexandria, VA 22313-1928

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