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We had a great retreat Leap Year weekend!

A retreat for Confirmation-age youth from all Churches in the National Capital Presbytery.


Living the Kingdom Postponed until Fall

With Guest Speaker Rev. Dr. Cynthia Rigby

What if “play” is our real work— creative work through which the Holy Spirit guides us more fully into being who we are, as children of God?

New dates: TBA  Fall 2020

2020 Convocation

Outstanding Event With Dr. Cynthia Rigby of Austin Seminary

Video of this Event held on January 25, 2020 to come!

About the Reformed Institute

The Institute seeks to fulfill its mission in a manner that is in keeping with the character of the Reformed tradition. This means: Learning for Mission, Honoring the Diversity of the Reformed Tradition, and Recognizing the Worldliness of Reformed Christianity.

Sponsoring Churches

Sponsoring churches of the Reformed Institute make both a yearly financial commitment and a commitment to be involved in the mission of the organization. Members of sponsoring churches receive a discount in the cost of particular programs like courses, the lay theological colloquy and others. Contact us for more information about how your congregation may become a sponsoring church.

What is the Reformed Tradition?

The Protestant Reformation is one of the most important developments that has taken place in the entire history of the Christian church. It began early in the 16th century with a series of actions taken by a German monk (and Biblical scholar) named Martin Luther who loved the Bible and came to believe that the church of his day was not faithful to the teaching of Scripture.

Company of Teachers

We have established the Company of Teachers to provide churches with a coveted resource - people who are qualified to teach on aspects of the Reformed tradition that are relevant to the concerns of Christians today (everything from church doctrine to politics and economics).


The Reformed Institute is pleased to offer an array of resources, including suggested readings from annual Convocations, Reformation Sunday and other sources, book reviews, the essay series "Whither the PC(USA)?", and our "Not Quite Beach Reading" list.

The Company Line

The Company Line is a monthly series (the second Wednesday of the month), with contributions from members of the Company of Teachers designed to relate the Reformed tradition to current events. Feel free to reproduce and circulate these pieces as you see fit.

Recent News

Is There Divine “Judgment” In All This?

March 19, 2020

Well, probably not in the traditional sense of God causing medieval plagues and the like. But the Coronovirus brings a kind of “judgment” by exposing…

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There are no upcoming events at this time.

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