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Religious Pluralism: Challenge or Opportunity?

interfaith sybols and hands

The Company of Teachers has developed a video series to be used in adult education or for personal study.

The topic is: The Challenge and Opportunities of Religious Pluralism.

Christians of many churches have encountered other religious for centuries, often through their mission work; but only in recent time have distinct approaches and theologies of other religions been developed. In the U.S. today, the entire globe of cultures and religions have come to us, so the issue of how to engage other faiths is at our doorstep.

This series by the Company of Teachers of the Reformed Institute is a scholarly and accessible contribution to how Reformed and Presbyterian churches can engage other religions. A variety of perspectives are offered: including acknowledging our minority position in the faith landscape of the U.S., critically appraising Christian theologies of religion with Reformed principles, raising obstacles that exist within Reformed thought to rich dialogue, recounting a congregation's journey of interfaith life, and building personal relationships with respect for evangelism. Five videos currently available, one forthcoming.

The series is FREE for member churches of the Reformed Institute, and available to all others (with a suggested donation of $40 for the series).

A flyer with complete description of the series is available here: Company of Teachers Series Flyer Jan 2022 

BELOW: Watch the full video series in our YouTube playlist.

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