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About the Director...
Dr. Golemon, ordained in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), brings to the Reformed Institute extensive leadership experience and skills relevant to the Institute. Currently he is the Executive Director of the Washington Theological Consortium, a community of theological schools and partners from diverse traditions working together for mutual understanding and common work. Dr. Golemon brings his knowledge of and connection to other faith-based organizations in the DC area. At the Alban Institute, Dr. Larry Golemon directed the "Narrative Leadership project," which explored story-based transformation of congregational life (published in their Narrative Leadership series). He served as a research consultant for the national study of seminary education by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and co-authored their findings in Educating Clergy (2006). He continues to write in theological education, with a forthcoming book from Oxford University Press that tracks how Protestants, Catholics, and Jews have educated clergy for American culture, specifically as culture-builders in religious and public life.

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About the Finance & Administration Associate...

Yvonne D. McKinney facilitates the financial and administrative work of the Institute. She worked/works with several church organizations directing Christian and missionary education, leadership development, strategic planning, communications, and administrative management.  Yvonne authors calls to worship, litanies, as well as other Christian education studies and articles. She is a Church Administrator as well as support to The Washington Theological Consortium. A retired Human Resources and Organizational Development executive, she has an active consulting practice in same. She graduated from North Carolina A&T University and has a graduate degree from The Ohio State University.

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