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R. Bruce Douglass

Company of Teachers

Director Emeritus of the Reformed Institute; Associate Professor, Department of Government, Georgetown University; M.Div., Yale University; Ph.D. (in political science), Duke University; Elder, Lewinsville Presbyterian Church, McLean, Virginia.

The following are topics and formats the Company members are prepared to offer:

Sunday Morning Adult Education Classes

  • Reformed Portraits (a seven-installment series, each with 6 separate lectures, designed to tell the story of the development of Reformed Christianity from its origins in 16th century Europe to the crisis of mainline Protestantism in late 20th century America by focusing on the lives of key figures)
  • Reformed Social Ethics: The Foundations (an examination of the ethical teaching of the founders of Reformed Christianity on such matters as civil politics, economics, war, education, the arts, science and marriage)
  • Always Being Reformed (an examination of the meaning of reform in the Reformed tradition, with case studies on race relations, gender, war, relations with other religions, and the doctrine of election)
  • From State Church to Pluralism — the Evolution of Reformed Political Thought (3 lectures)
  • Christ & Culture Revisited — A Fresh Look at Richard Niebuhr's Classic
  • Reinhold Niebuhr--American Power in Theological Perspective
  • An Educated Laity — An Obsolete Idea?
  • The Social Gospel, Then and Now
  • Why Not Be Reformed?
  • Religion and Nationalism Since the Protestant Reformation


  • The New “Iron Cage,” or, the Protestant Ethic in Our Time
  • The Reformed Tradition: Why Bother?

Individual Lectures

  • Reformed Christianity in the Making of the Modern World
  • The Re-formation of the Church in Our Time

Contact Information: [email protected]

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