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Company of Teachers

We are delighted to offer an exciting initiative of the Reformed Institute. We have established the Company of Teachers to provide churches with a coveted resource - people who are qualified to teach on aspects of the Reformed tradition that are relevant to the concerns of Christians today (everything from church doctrine to politics and economics). All the members of the Company fit that bill. Each of them has expert knowledge on one or more aspects of the Reformed tradition. Each is an experienced teacher who knows how to communicate effectively with lay audiences, and they have all agreed to make themselves available for teaching in local churches (as well as the programs of the Institute itself) as their schedules permit.

On these pages you will find detailed information about the credentials and the subjects that members of the Company of Teachers have agreed to offer in various formats.


To Use the Company of Teachers:

Please consider carefully the needs of your audience when selecting one of the Company to contact. Any arrangements made are between individual members of the Company and local churches or groups.

You are advised to:

  • Please plan ahead. Be aware that teachers may not be available on short notice.
  • Contact the teacher directly to describe your teaching need, dates, setting and preferred topic.
  • Be clear about what honorarium is being offered; the Reformed Institute recommends $125 per session (one to two hours) plus travel expenses. If this is a burden for your congregation please contact the Reformed Institute.
  • Request in advance any handouts that need reproducing.
  • Request room arrangement and equipment needs one week in advance of the first session.
  • If there are questions about any of the above, please contact Yvonne McKinney at [email protected].
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