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Prayers of Thanksgiving

Communion Preface for use with Great Thanksgivings B and C of the Book of Common Worship:

By the Word of your mouth, you created a world out of darkness, giving it form and beauty. You created a people out of no people to bring them into communion with you. When they strayed you sent them prophets and reformers that they might return to the light of your eternal Word, Jesus Christ, for it is your will that your Word will never return to you empty. By your faithfulness, it will always do that for which you sent it, and it will accomplish your eternal purpose.

A Prayer of Thanksgiving when Communion is not observed:

O heavenly Father, you are the fountain and full treasure of all goodness, we give thanks for all the mercies you show to us your children, and we pray that you would sanctify these gifts which we have  received from your merciful generosity and now bring before you, granting us the grace to use them well and purely, according to your blessed will; so that we may in doing so acknowledge you to be the author and giver of all good things; and above all, that we may remember continually to seek the spiritual food of your Word, which nourishes our souls. (John Knox)

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