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Winter Course – Relate & Resist

In times of crisis, the church has occasionally sought to speak for justice and the right by once more loudly proclaiming what Christian faith teaches and, in doing so, call for resistance to powers that would subvert those teachings.

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Unfinished Business

At the invitation of National Capital Presbytery, the Reformed Institute enlisted the Rev. Dr. Eric Spingsted, one of the members of our Company of Teachers, to be the preacher at the worship service at the November meeting of the presbytery, which was designed to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the start of the Protestant Reformation.…

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In Joyful Praise: Music Inspired by the Reformations

To commemorate the Reformations of the 16th Century, there will be an evening program of music and singing for gathered choirs and congregation on Friday evening, November 17. The public is cordially invited. There will be a pre-program lecture at 6:45 p.m. with Dr. Emily Brink (Calvin Institute of Christian Worship) in the Chapel at National…

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Sermon Suggestions

Sermon Suggestions: The lectionary passages for Reformation Sunday are not specially selected for this day. They are not impossible passages for the day, though, at least if one is willing to use a bit of imagination.             The OT lesson is the death of Moses (Deuteronomy 34:1-12). This would appear to be a stretch, although…

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Prayers of Thanksgiving

Communion Preface for use with Great Thanksgivings B and C of the Book of Common Worship: By the Word of your mouth, you created a world out of darkness, giving it form and beauty. You created a people out of no people to bring them into communion with you. When they strayed you sent them…

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Prayer of Confession for Reformation Sunday

            Heavenly father, merciful and everlasting God, we acknowledge and confess before your divine majesty that we are poor sinners, prone to evil and ever falling short of goodness. We have transgressed your commandments, and are worthy of your anger.             But, O Lord, we repent and are sorry from…

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Reformation Sunday Resources

Many Protestant congregations have a tradition of celebrating “Reformation Sunday” each year. Designed to honor the anniversary of Luther’s posting of the his famous 95 theses, these events typically occur on the last Sunday in October. In the year of this special 500th anniversary of the inauguration of the Protestant Reformation, it is especially appropriate…

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A Litany for Reformation Sunday. Christ has died and risen; through the Holy Spirit, Christ remains with his body the Church. In gratitude for this great gift and in hope of God’s coming kingdom, let us pray, saying:Lord in your mercyHear our prayer. Eternal and ever loving God, you made yourself known fully in Jesus…

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The Whole Church Sings

During the summer and fall the Institute is posting in this space each month a review of a recent book that we commend as a good resource for reading about the Reformations of the 16th century. This fourth review is by E. Quinn Fox, Associate Pator for Discipleship and Christian Formation/Grow Ministries. The first review by Eric…

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