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WATCH RECORDINGS: 2021 Short Course “Renewing Theology and Church for Public Life”

Our Spring 2021 short course, “Renewing Theology and Church for Public Life,” brought experts in national church leadership, public policy, and generational forecasting together to explore current cultural, social, and generational challenges to the church. They addressed trends, theological shifts, and resources for renewing the church for public witness within a Reformed framework. Participants were encouraged to read Nate Phillips’s Do Something Else: The Road Ahead for the Mainline Church.  The Amazon Kindle version is available for $9.99 here.

Session 1: “Renewing Church and Public Witness” with John Molina-Moore

Recorded March 6, 2021


Session 2: “Theology and Public Policy” with Rev. Jimmie Hawkins

Recorded March 13, 2021


Session 3: “Cultural Disruption as a Challenge to the Church” with Rev. Jessica Tate

Recorded March 20, 2021

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