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SATURDAY, MAY 11, 2024 - Rev. Dr. David Chao on 'Reformed Identity and Global Christianity' - REGISTER FOR IN-PERSON OR VIRTUAL ATTENDANCE
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WATCH RECORDINGS: Short Course on Reformed Thought and the Crisis of Democracy (Virtual)

The course was designed to examine critically the relevance of certain key ideas in the Reformed Protestant political tradition (from Calvin to Wolterstorff) to the current crisis of democratic politics, with primary emphasis on developments in the industrialized nations. (View all Reformed Institute short courses on YouTube.)

Instructor: R. Bruce Douglass, former director of the Reformed Institute of Metropolitan Washington and emeritus member of the political theory faculty of the Department of Government, Georgetown University.

The four sessions covered the following topics:

April 30 – Reformed Political Thought—the Foundations

May 7 – Reformed Political Thought—Subsequent Developments

May 14 – Three Versions of Democracy—Constitutional, Liberal and Populist

May 21 – Democracy, Religious Pluralism and the Idea of a Christian Nation

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