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Passing on the Faith: The challenge to your congregation

Program Date(s): 2011

An event for lay and professional church leaders designed to facilitate fresh strategic thinking about the church’s educational ministry. When was the last time you took part in a serious discussion of the “big picture” in the educational ministry of your church? When have you had a chance to step back from the routine of program planning and take a good, hard look at some of the more fundamental issues at stake in that part of your church’s life? The event was designed to provide such an opportunity, and to do so in a manner that will stimulate fresh thinking on the relevant issues. Our premise that it can no longer be taken for granted that the educational ministry of our churches can be carried on in the familiar ways. The time has come to acknowledge that we are facing a situation that demands something more from us than just business as usual. The program included two presentations:

  • “Religious Illiteracy: Is It Really a Problem,”
    presented by Stephen Prothero (Boston University).
  • “The Life of the Mind in the Service of God: The Reformed Perspective,” presented by Michael Jinkins (Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary).

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