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Is the Reformation Over?

Program Date(s): February 1, 2014

The Past, Present, and Future of Reformed and Roman Catholic Relations

To be Reformed is by its very nature to stand in relation to the historic Catholic Church. Over the years, the relations between the Reformed churches and the Roman Catholic church have changed, moving from violence to hostility and misunderstanding to currently much warmer and friendly ones. Thus, is the Reformation over? Or, does faith demand that we push towards a new unity? What, if anything, could possibly be the basis of such unity? What do we have to learn from each other?

This course will look at the most central issues that have historically divided the churches of the Reformation from the Roman Catholic Church, issues that are still important today: the nature of justification, the nature and authority of the Church, the sacraments. We will look at how these issues arose during the Reformation and their subsequent history up to the present ecumenical discussions.

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