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David Jon Van Houten


Program Director of the Transition into Ministry Residency Program, Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church, Bryn Mawr, PA;
M.A. in Religious Studies, The Divinity School, Univ. of Chicago; Ph.D. (in theology), The Divinity School, Univ. of Chicago; Member, Board of Trustees, McCormick
Theological Seminary; Former Moderator, Committee on Preparation for Ministry, Philadelphia Presbytery

The following are topics and formats the Company members are prepared to offer:

Sunday morning adult education classes:
Unavailable except for single presentations

Retreats or individual lectures:

  • John Calvin: An Introduction (a glimpse into his life and theology through his letters, commentaries and The Institutes)
  • The Book of Confessions: Context and Content (a discussion of the individual statements in the Book of Confessions, paying attention to the historical background and highlighting one or two significant theological themes within each)
  • A Brief Statement of Faith: Belonging to God (using our most recent confessional statement as a contemporary expression of what it means to be Reformed)
  • A Life of Prayer: John Calvin and Karl Barth (a look at prayer through Calvin’s and Barth’s comments on the Lord’s Prayer)
  • Election in the Reformed Tradition: A Critical Review (a look at the controversial doctrine in its traditional and contemporary expressions)
  • Education in the Church: A Reformed Approach (an application of Brian Gerrish’s “Reformed Habit of Mind” to how we approach education in the church)

Contact information:

[email protected]
610.668.8827 (home)

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