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SATURDAY, MAY 11, 2024 - Rev. Dr. David Chao on 'Reformed Identity and Global Christianity' - REGISTER FOR IN-PERSON OR VIRTUAL ATTENDANCE
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Ann White



Retired chairwoman of the history department at Edmund Burke School, Washington, D.C.; M.A. (in history) and Ph.D. (in Far Eastern History), University of Pennsylvania; member of National Presbyterian Church, Washington, D.C.

The following are topics and formats the Company members are prepared to offer:

Sunday morning adult education classes and individual lectures:

  • Martin Luther, Printing, and the Making of the Reformation
  • The Christian Care of Persons: Martin Luther as Pastor
  • “Moralistic Therapeutic Deism:” Will We Let It Hijack Our Faith?
  • When Life Gets Rough: Lessons from Faith and History

Contact information:

[email protected]
202-686-1914 (home)
703-623-4508 (cell)

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