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The Reformed Institute is inaugurating a new series that will appear monthly (the second Wednesday of the month), with contributions from members of the Company of Teachers designed to relate the Reformed tradition to current events. Feel free to reproduce and circulate these pieces as you see fit.

Previous Company Line Pieces

September 2016Down with Politicians? - A Reformed Critique of a Bad Idea by Bruce Douglass

October 2016When the Protestant Reformers Published the Quar'an by Matthew D. Taylor

November 2016: The Stress of Our Worries Will Kill Our Spirits by Melissa Kirkpatrick

December 2016: Drones and Sparrows by Ann White

January 2017: The Identity Politics of Ents by James Cubie

February 2017: Words Matter by Eric O. Springsted

March 2017: A Camp Disturbingly Divided by John Y. Lee

April 2017Seeing Things Anew by Jon Delmas Wood

October 2017The Protestant Reformation at 500: An Anniversary of a Different Sort by Bruce Douglass

November 2017What We Lost in the Protestant Reformation by Matthew D. Taylor

December 2017In Lonely Exile Here by Melissa Kirkpatrick

January 2018: “Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem”: In Praise of Institutions by Eric O. Springstead

March 2018: Ugly Delicious by John Lee

April 2018: On Racing Fuel and Fire by James Cubie

May 2018: Communion of Saints by Jon Delmas Wood

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