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Matthew D. Taylor

Company of Teachers

Protestant Scholar, The Institute for Islamic, Christian, and Jewish Studies in Baltimore; Ph.D. (Islam and Christianity) Georgetown University; M.A. (Theology) Fuller Theological Seminary; Ruling elder, Georgetown Presbyterian Church

The following are topics and formats the Company members are prepared to offer:

Sunday Morning Adult Education Series or Individual Lectures

  • Why the Protestant Reformers Published the Qurʾan
  • Building Bridges between Protestants and Muslims
  • The History and Complexities of Christian and Islamic Fundamentalism
  • The Incarnation and Other Religions: Does God coming as Christ exclude other religions?
  • ​Re-forming Our View of Mary: Finding Protestant and Catholic room for agreement​
  • The Cross and the Suffering God: How does Christ’s suffering change our view of God?
  • The Cross and the Apocalypse: How does the suffering of Jesus show up in some of the New Testament’s most mysterious texts?
  • The Cross and the Psalms: Why was Jesus constantly quoting the Psalmic hymnal in the last week of his life?
  • Young Adults in the Mainline Church: Living in a time of crisis and opportunity
  • Demographics, Mainline Desertion, and the Question of Evangelism
  • The Protestant Tradition and the Concept of Vocation
  • Can Mainline Protestants Talk about Spiritual Gifts?

Contact Information: [email protected]
, 667-900-8414

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